Selected Presentations Synopsis

  • Elder Law Boot Camp for CPAs, (presented by Henry Wetherby on Wednesday afternoon in two breakout sessions) – These two sessions cover what everyone should know about estate planning (not tax planning) and Elder law, Medicaid And Asset Protection for the middle class.
  • How Can Corporate America Utilize the Next Frontier in the Accounting Information Technology (AIT) and Data Analytic Technologies to Realize Information Security and Effectively Manage Risk? (presented by Mohd Rujoub on Wednesday afternoon, Breakout Session I)- Since most businesses are taking advantage of the tremendous advances in technologies and have moved most of their operations to a risky cyberspace, they have found out that their strategic secrets and objectives and privileged information are often subject to theft, manipulation by others, and at the mercy of sophisticated external criminals and hackers and cyber warfare vicious warriors that those businesses can’t control. To address these critical issues and improve the security of corporate information, this presentation/ study (a) explores whether Corporate America is ready to and can combat and avoid the evolving world of hacking and control the vulnerable environment for cyberattack, and (b) empirically determines whether the risk management techniques, such as Enterprise Risk Management (ERM), are effective in mitigating and combating this serious, costly, and devastating worldwide epidemic.
  • Resolution of Federal and State Tax Liabilities – (presented by Thomas Quinn, Esq. on Wednesday afternoon, Breakout Session II) What we want you to know: – Handling a routine audit or collection case is fine but what happens when things don’t go your client’s way? When do you amend tax returns? Do you grant the IRS or State auditor a statute extension? Do you go to Tax Court? What happens when my client owes past due taxes and cannot afford to pay. What are the options and where are the “pennies on the dollar” settlements my clients hear about so much?
    In our “What we want you to know” presentation, Thomas P. Quinn, Esq. of McLaughlinQuinn LLC, will answers these and other questions with a focus on the who, what, when, where and why of handling Federal and State tax audit and collection cases.
  • Charitable Planning In a New Era (presented by Constance Shields and Karen Yates on Wednesday afternoon, Breakout Session III)- This program will take a look at charitable planning in the current tax environment, while also considering how potential changes to the tax law could affect donors. During the presentation we will discuss both basic and sophisticated charitable techniques as well as key considerations that advisors should keep in mind when helping clients plan.
  • Cost Segregation Studies, Tangible Property Regulations, PATH Act, Depreciation, & More (presented by Jeff Hiatt & Dave Fabian on Thursday afternoon, Breakout Session III) – Recent changes in the tax code including the extension and expansion of bonus depreciation and §179 expensing elections mean now is the time to focus on depreciation. If your firm is not reviewing this area, your clients may miss out on significant tax deductions available to them. In addition, new laws enacted by Congress and regulations issued by the Internal Revenue Service now enable taxpayers to take further tax advantage of their real estate holdings. If you clients are real estate investors or they simply make widgets but have done tenant improvements, this session will provide real world examples of options and opportunities for you and your clients.
  • Building a Successful Niche Accounting Practice (presented by Andrew Schwartz on Thursday afternoon, Breakout Session IV) – The business world continues to become more complicated every year. Yet most CPAs continue to operate as generalist by serving a handful of clients in a wide range of industries. That being said, why would a prospect go to generalist when for a similar value that prospect can work with a specialist? Andrew Schwartz CPA, along with his brother Richard Schwartz CPA, has built a niche CPA practice outside of Boston that has grown organically on average by more than 13.5% per year since 1994 and has not seen revenue dip year-over-year during that 22-year period. Their specialty firm continues to grow exponentially due to their strong and recognized brand in the Greater Boston area for providing tax and accounting services to healthcare professionals and their practices. Andrew will share what he has learned over the past 29 years while he has focused on organically building his niche CPA firm, including his 10-steps to building a successful niche practice.
  • Management Alignment: Driving Execution and Higher Performance Teams (presented by John Ela on Thursday afternoon, Breakout Session IV) – Business results don’t just happen. Yes, strategy matters, but it is nothing without effective execution. Execution is where most organizations fall short. In this session, you will learn the 5 practical management systems that are critical for consistently executing your plan. You will learn how to create team alignment at all levels of your organization. Individually, each of these practices improve your chances of building a vibrant organization. Collectively, they will turn your team into a business machine that can run itself and soar above your competitors.